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Weights only 31 grams. Easy to install with 4 cable ties (not included, saves on postage which is FREE for you) and to be used as a front- and or rear fender.

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Product Description

The ultimate lightweight fender

The Marsh Guard is designed by Jason MarshGreg Minnaars mechanic, it weights only 31 grams. Unobtrusive, aerodynamic and easy to install with 4 cable ties (not included, you probably have tons and this saves on shipping costs!) and to be used as a front- and or rear fender.

Jason Marsh (Greg Minnaars mechanic):

“Working as a world cup mechanic, I really wanted a purely race orientated guard that was minimal, simple to apply, looked good enough for a racer to be happy with it on their bike and also work efficiently. They had to be light, flexible and strong enough to be able to withstand being pressure washed 10 times a day, unobtrusive and most importantly, aerodynamic.”

Ride Enduro: “I have them on my bike(s)!”

“I bought these when I was in Morzine this summer and I never heard of them before. When I found out Greg Minnaars mechanic was behind this two-in-one mudguard/fender, I must admit it added to the fun. If it’s good enough for Greg Minnaar (and most other Worldcup riders) then it’s good enough for me!”

Use front and rear
“For my Trek Slash I had to puncture two extra holes for use in the rear, and there was no damage and it’s still in perfect shape, fits like a glove on any bike/forks. See my post on my personal blog: In my opinion it works best as a front fender, keeping grid and mud from your face, a rear does keep your bum slightly cleaner (not clean!). But it looks fast, so I keep it front and rear ;-) .” says:
“The Marsh Guards were on both the winning bikes that day, half the top 20 mens riders and 3 of the top 10 women were running them at Fort William. Some will say seven bucks is way too much for a piece of plastic when an old inner tube will easily do the job. When you have spent thousands on your ride why scrimp on your mud guard? The Marsh Guard does exactly what it says on the tin, it stops the mud flicking up from your front wheel, is super light and easy to install/remove, fits onto nearly every fork (except Cannondale Lefties and Upside down forks), it’s aerodynamics and the real winner is the cheap price. If it’s good enough for World Cup racers, then it’s good enough for you and me..”


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Additional Information

Weight 31 g
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 0,1 cm